EOLAS: Using Limiters

EOLAS: Using Limiters
Working with Limiters
In this month’s feature we’ll be refining our use of EOLAS even more. We’ll focus on how to use Limiters in the Results List.
You can use Limiters after you’ve completed a Simple Search or an Advanced Search. There are multiple options in our set of limiters. Today we’ll concentrate on three options:
• Limit To
• Source Types
• Subject

ATU Library Transition Project: Phase 2

Integrating McKeown Library
In this month’s feature we look at the integration of St. Angela’s McKeown Library and Academic Writing Centre into the ATU Library service we’ll cover:
• Moving to a shared LMS
• Expanding our databases collection to accommodate St. Angela’s students.
• Other services for ATU Sligo and ATU St. Angela’s