What is a Journal?

A journal is a collection of articles written by researchers and academics on a specific topic or subject. Journals are often referred to as periodicals or serials because they are published at regular intervals – weekly, monthly or annually.


What is Peer Reviewed?

Articles contained in journals are peer reviewed, which means that they are reviewed by scholars in the field prior to publication. Journal articles also contain the most recent research.


How do I find out if the library has a subscription to a journal?

You can search the Publication Finder to find out if the library has a subscription to a specific journal in print and/or electronic format. It will also say how you can access it.


Does the library have any journals in print format?

The library also has some journals available in print format.


How do I find a Journal in Print Format at Yeats Library?

Use the Publication Finder to search for a journal. If  “Yeats Library Print Holdings” appears under Full Text Access, then the journal is available in print format. Click on “Yeats Library Print Holdings” to see the issues available.

Current issues of journals are found on the Info Zone (ground floor) of Yeats Library. Past issues may be available in our Archive store.  Library staff can assist you with requests to access these issues.


What do I do if I need an article from a journal that the library does not subscribe to?

You can request the journal article using our inter-library loan service and we will check to see if we can source it for you.

If you have a query or need help with accessing a journal, please email library.sligo@atu.ie.