What is Referencing?

It is acknowledging someone else’s work when you are doing an assignment. More Info from Cite Them Right (2 minute read)

What does Referencing look like?

It depends on what referencing style you are using. There are two parts to a reference:

  • The in-text citation
  • The actual reference at the bottom of your assignment in an alphabetical reference list

2 Main referencing style types:

  • Author- Date Styles – looks like (Meehan 2020) (Kelly 1999) Harvard is an Author-Date Style.
  • Numbered Styles – looks like 1, 2 Vancouver is an example of a numbered style.

Notice:  Currently, direct export to Endnote from EOLAS is not working.  We are attempting to fix this.


Videos and Links

Online Tutorials

Endnote Tutorial (Moodle)

Referencing Tutorial (Cite Them Right)

Endnote Referencing Software

Once you are comfortable with the basics of referencing you can learn to use Endnote Basic referencing tool. We have a variety of referencing styles loaded into Endnote Basic.
There are two versions of Endnote. There is EndNote 20 which is paid desktop software and there is Endnote Web which is free and is what we use.

Note: login to endnote through Web of Science when off campus. use the link below:
Endnote (via Web of Science)

The link gets you into Web of Science. Once in, click on Register link at top of page and create an account. Once you ok your registration in your email then go into Web of Science again and click on the Products link (and then Endnote link) at the top.

You then download and install a plugin (an app that plugs into another app) from endnoteweb.com and it plugs into word. You can then access all the citations and get the plugin to automatically do your referencing. We have guides and help for you to get started and we also do on campus and online tutorials to give you help. Just email the library help desk for an online appointment. library@itsligo.ie

Screenshot of Web of Science