Student ID Cards

Students must have their ATU Sligo ID card in order to be able to use the library service.


How many books can I borrow?

The number of books that you can borrow depends on whether you are an undergraduate student, a postgraduate student, a staff member or an external member.

Borrower Number of Books
Undergraduate Student 4
Postgraduate Student 10
Academic Staff 15
External Member 4


How long can I borrow the books for?

The length of time that you can keep the books for depends on what you are borrowing. Most books are standard loan and can be borrowed for a two week period. Staff and students studying online may be able to borrow books for a longer period.

How do I borrow books?

You can use the Quick Check Self-Service Machine located on the Info Zone (ground floor) to borrow your books.

To use the self-service machine, select the “Check out” option on the screen.

Then place your student or staff card against the contactless symbol.

Next place your books on the machine.

Click on “Finish” and print a receipt if required

You can also ask staff at the Information Desk to check out your books for you. Please remember to have your student/staff card with you.

How do I return books?

You can place the books in the book bin which is located on the way into the library.

Or you can use the Quick Check Self-Service Machine to check in your books. To do this, place your books on the self-service machine and click on the “Check In” button. Then place the books on the trolley next to the Quick Check Self-Service Machine.

You can also return your books to staff at the Information Desk.


Can I renew my books?

It is possible to renew your books as long as somebody else has not placed a reservation on them.

You can renew your books 3 times.

To do this, log into your library account.

You can also renew your books using the Quick Check Self-Service Machine.


What happens if a book is overdue?

For every day your book is overdue you get suspended from borrowing for 1 day with a maximum suspension of 3 days per overdue item.