How to apply for an Inter-Library Loan?

Check that the material is not available through any of our resources including EOLAS Search or our any of our Databases and that it is not available online. Click on the “Request an Inter Library Loan” button, agree to the copyright declaration, select the type of resource you are looking for and fill in the details. An email will be sent to your college email address to let you know if we have been able to fulfill the request.


How do I collect my requests?

The material will be available for collection at the Information Desk. Online Learners can arrange to have the material posted to them. If you have requested a book, you will also receive a slip with the due date for returning the book.


How many requests can I make?

Teaching Staff 20 requests per academic year
Postgraduate Students 30 requests per academic year
Undergraduate Final Year Student 10 requests in final academic year
Undergraduate (except Final Year)  2 requests per academic year


Are there any restrictions on what I can request?

To adhere to copyright regulations, the following restrictions apply:

  • A request cannot be duplicated. So if you have already requested the item, it is not possible to request it again.
  • Several people cannot request the same material for the same purpose at the same time.
  • Some thesis, special collections items, or very expensive items are not available.


Inter-library loans: Information for other libraries

Please submit requests for items held in our library to

If you are a BLDC customer, please include your customer code and a request number.

We accept IFLA vouchers as payment from international customers.