The reprographics services include photocopying, printing and scanning.

Photocopiers & scanners

There are 4 student photocopiers available in the info zone (ground floor).

  • Photocopier 3 photocopies black and white (bw)
  • Photocopier 4 prints, photocopies and scans in bw or color
  • Photocopier 5 and 6 prints and photocopies bw and scans in color or bw

There is no charge to scan. Scanned images get emailed to your itsligo email address.

Office Lens- Scan documents using your phone

User Guide from Microsoft


Q. How to top up print credit

Detailed FAQ from IT Services

Pcounter Website

IT Services helpdesk is available online

FAQ- We are often asked why print jobs do not print. The most common answer is that you sent your print job to a photocopier by mistake . Please check your transaction history in pcounter to double check. If you used pcounter to release your print job to the photocopier it will automatically print. If you did not but definitely printed to a riverstown2 copier printer you can release the print job using the touch screen from photocopier 4 , 5 or 6.

FAQ- Sometimes the printers disappear from the pc’s. if this happens please email to let them know and use everyone print for the moment (print from laptop instructions) Everyone Print is limited in printing certain formats e.g word, excel, pdf.