The wifi hotspot in the college is eduroam. You need to be fully registered student or staff member to access it. for students. More information is available from the IT Services website

Computers in the library

All computer usage is governed by the college acceptable usage policy . Please read them carefully. IT facilities should not be used for any purpose other than institute business and academic use.  Also, you are not allowed log into a computer and leave it unattended. If you leave a computer logged in and unattended other students will  login and you may lose work.
Remember every time you log onto the computer network or surf the web your usage is time stamped and a record created. This is regardless of whether you are on or off campus.


We have printers in the info zone and the social learning zone. The newest photocopiers are also printers.

Scanners and Photocopiers

The new photocopiers in the library are also A3 scanners. They will send a scanned file to your college email address. Short instructions are stuck around the machines, and there is more information on the pcounter website.

Adobe Scan


Adobe has an app that is now free which lets you use your phone to scan documents. We have tried it ourselves and found it very powerful. With built-in optical character recognition (OCR), your scans are converted to PDF format and can be  searched, highlighted, and commented on.  Get the app here