A journal is a collection of articles by researchers and academics on a specific topic or subject.
Journals are often referred to as periodicals or serials because they are published at regular intervals – weekly, monthly or annually like newspapers and magazines.
Journal articles contain the most recent research which is reviewed by other scholars before publication (peer reviewed).
Journals can be in print or electronic format (ejournal).
For more information on searching, accessing, and referencing journals see the Yeats Library journal libguide.

Print Journals

The print journal collection for the current year is on display in the Info Zone. Back issues (older issues) from previous years can be requested from archive. Bound issues are shelved in the Quiet Zone. Print journal titles can searched for using the library catalogue and Journals A-Z. All print journals are for reference use only.


To search or browse specific titles use the Journals A-Z . Not all of the journals we subscribe to are included in EOLAS. See the full list of individual journals we have individual subscriptions to in the libguide.

How do I find a journal Title?