" "What is an Institutional Repository (IR)

An institutional repository is an online collection of the academic work of an institute. This can include theses or journal articles or conference papers. If you find articles be careful that you know the difference between postprint and preprint.

Preprint: An article that has not been through the peer review process yet. A publisher has not yet accepted it for printing.

Postprint: An article that has been peer reviewed and accepted by a publisher for printing.

Examples of content in an IR

  • Theses and dissertations
  • research data
  • journal articles
  • conference papers
  • book chapters
  • technical reports or any other form of research output.

Institutes of Technology

Research@THEA is the new Institutional Repository for all Institutes of Technology.

Irish and Northern Irish Institutional Repositories

Institutional and Research Repository Portals

Search the Institutional Repositories of the seven Irish University Libraries and some IoTs.
Open Doar is a directory of repositories and their contents.
This has superseded Driver as a European Portal of Digital Repositories for scientific output.
Digital Commons Network
Provides access to full-text scholarly articles and other research worldwide colleges and universities. This resource is curated by institute librarians and includes much the same content as an IR does.
Search the EThOS hub from the British Library to find theses produced by UK Higher Education. Some items available for free immediate download. Ethos is integrated into Eolas.
Australian Research Repository
UMI Proquest
We don’t have a subscription to this product, but it is a good way for researchers to see if there has been something published in your research area. You can always user interlending and document supply if you need one of these theses.

Print IT Sligo Thesis

The postgraduate degrees are shelved by author, firstly the Ph.D.s, then the Masters. To find out how to find them on the shelves please use our libguide.