Print Books

The libraries book collections are shelved on 2 floors of the library. The language and reference collections are on the top floor (quiet zone) as well as the printed government publications. On the info zone (Middle Floor) the main collection of books are shelved using the Dewey Decimal System. The books are all searchable   from the library print catalogue. (Libsearch)


The library has an enormous collection of ebooks from various sources. We have over 150,000 titles from ebook central alone.  We have a libguide on how to access, search and use the ebooks.  please email us if you need help with the ebooks or need help downloading them for offline access.

Ebooks Accessibility

Ebook central accessibility statement and accessibility mode info. Includes open dyslexic font support.

EBSCO ebooks accessibilty info

Accessibility features in Microsoft Edge – built in screen reader.  Ctrl + Shift + U on KEYBOARD starts or stops screen reader.