Library Services Update: Monday 28th February 2022

Changes to Study Space Service

The following changes to the Study Space Service will apply from Monday 28th February: some study spaces will become free and a reduced number will be bookable.

All seminar rooms will remain bookable only.

Free Spaces

The following individual study spaces will be free to use as needed:

  • All spaces in the Quiet Zone (top floor)
  • All spaces in the Info Zone (middle floor)

This includes both spaces with PCs and those without.

Bookable Spaces

The following individual study spaces will be available only through booking:

  • All spaces in the Learning Zone (lower floor)

Seminar Rooms

All seminar rooms on all levels will only be available through booking.

Vaccine Clinic: Tues 1st March

The HSE will hold another vaccine clinic in the Learning Zone this Tuesday.

This means that the Learning Zone will be unavailable to the students for the day.

There will be no bookable study spaces or seminar rooms in this Zone on this date.

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