Library Learning Support Survey

We want to improve our Online Learning Supports: please help!

Sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious: the last few months have been tough, on everyone.
During the last semester, we’ve all had to upskill at an extremely fast pace.
Your Library Team worked really hard for you:

  • We negotiated more access to more digital resources
  • Ran an online helpdesk Monday-Friday
  • Created a new LibGuide to better curate our online learning supports
  • Gave online tutorials
  • Answered your email queries
  • Kept you updated with regular posts

And now, once we’ve had a chance to catch out breaths, we’ve realised that we still have more to do.
Unfortunately, we have a finite amount of resources and staff, so we really need to focus our efforts to create better online resources for you to use in the next academic year.
This is the part where we need you help: we need you to fill in an online survey for us.
We know, we know. Surveys are boring, time-consuming and you’ve answered so many of them recently that the idea of another one makes you want to run far, far away.
We do need you to do this, because we can’t make a better online library service without your insights and advice.
So please, help us and fill in a survey, whether you’re a student or an academic staff member, we need both of your perspectives.
Help us to build a better library service
Thank you
Your Library Team

Student Survey 

Academic Staff Survey

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