Student ID Card

After registration, students can get their student ID card by calling into the library if you visit the campus. Alternatively your student ID Card (it is also your library card) will be posted to you once we receive your photo electronically. The full instructions for uploading your photo are available. Contact us below when you have uploaded your photo and your ID Card will be posted to you.  Your ID card does not need to be updated yearly. It will last for the duration of your course.

Postal Loan Service

You may also avail of our Postal loans service to borrow text books.  First search the library catalogue to check what is available. It is your responsibility to return the book in person or by post. For more details refer to the Online learners guide.

For material we do not own or subscribe to you can use our Document Supply Service

Access to other libraries

Contact us if you need a letter of introduction or a Partners card to use a library in your locality.

Information on our agreements with other libraries.

WIFI is provided by the Eduroam service so you will have access to wifi in other colleges.

If you need additional assistance in building your research skills and academic writing or email us for an online tutorial at your convenience.


f you can’t access the library databases or past exam papers perhaps the firewall at your workplace is blocking the proxy server. You will need to ask your workplace IT Staff. They might adjust their firewall rules to allow you access the databases. Tell them to that port number 2048 TCP needs to be opened on their firewall. If in doubt you can contact the library and we can check if a resource is working normally for other off campus users.
Some places, that offer free wireless internet access might block certain ports needed to access off-campus resources via the proxy server.

Fix it Yourself

Most of the time we find that deleting the cookies in your browser will resolve any issues. Find out what a cookie is and how to delete them.

Off Campus Access to Endnote Online


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