Free April Webinars to help you research smarter

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Check out Web of Sciences free webinars. Aimed more at research students as Web of Science is a citation database, we have added in our link resolver so that you can hopefully get full text by using it.


15th April 2020 at 10:00 (London time)
Discover the data unification in Web of Science
During this session, see how the unification of institution names helps aggregate complex naming variations and sub-organizations in Web of Science. Moreover, discover the other Web of Science data unification features around author names, funding agencies, organizations and more.
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21st April 2020 at 10am (London time)
What’s new in Journal Citation Reports and InCites Benchmarking & Analytics?
The new Journal Citation Reports now offer a systematic, objective means to evaluate the world’s leading journals by bringing you new JCR data, All Years tab in Profile Page and more. Additionally, check out the new features available in InCites Benchmarking & Analytics: Publisher Unification, Organization Report, Category Schemas (Poland and Latvia) and UI enhancements.
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22nd April 2020 at 10:00 (London time)
Access research papers in one click with the Kopernio plugin, and go further to analyse journal usage patterns
Save time accessing full-text PDFs with the free Kopernio browser plugin. Find out all about Kopernio and the new features: how to go Premium with Kopernio, easy activation of Kopernio on Web of Science, discover the benefits of the beta Kopernio Institutional Dashboard for librarians, and much more!
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29th April 2020 at 10:00 (London time)
Essential tips every researcher should follow to really understand a research field
If you want to really understand a research field you need to find the right papers, journals, and researchers. We’ll show you the smartest way to uncover these essential research artifacts for any research field using the unique power of the Web of Science citation network and platform.
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