Emerald database update

Emerald has been updated.
here is their information on the new features:

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search function has been designed to help users build a more specific search using Boolean operators and facet options. The interface is accessed from either the homepage or search bar found on the content and search results page, essentially, anywhere that the search box can be found.

Within Advanced Search, you have the option to:

Select the type of content you want to perform their search for, from All, to Articles, Book Chapters etc.
Enter search terms and choose to perform the search within a specific element of content i.e. add rows to the search criteria using Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT) in order to build a Booleans search across multiple search terms and field types
Specify the date range between years
Select whether to display all content, only content they have access to or only open access content in the search results.
We’ve created a helpful user guide which gives you and your users a step-by-step guide on how to use Advanced Search, you can find this here.

My Profile
Another of the most requested features since we launched our new platform, was the “My Profile” feature. We’re delighted to tell you that this now live! The main benefit of “My Profile” is that you can save your searches and perform subsequent searches from these saved ones – saving you and your users lots of time! We’ve created a helpful user guide which can be found here.
And finally… EarlyCite Content!
The second most requested piece of feedback we’ve received is how our EarlyCite articles are displayed on the journal TOC page. They now appear at the top of the page and can be accessed via the EarlyCite tab. This is also the case for Accepted Articles.

If you have any questions, please email us and we’ll be able to help.