Atlantic Technological University: Library Service

Join us on the next stage of our journey!

Today, Yeats Library ceases to be a single building library service on a single campus.

We are now part of the ATU Library Service: a multi-building, multi-campus library service between all of our partner colleges.

It will take some time to sort out all of the technical issues of combining our different library services into a single, new service.

So please, bear with us as we make these changes and upgrades.

How big will the ATU Library Service be?

We’ll be big. Very big!

  • Over 6 library buildings across at least 5 different campuses.
  • Shared book borrowing across the system (nearly half a million shared books!)
  • Hundreds of individual study spaces, available to all our students
  • 30+ group study rooms
  • New databases, accessible to all our staff and students

Our future is yours

We’ve ambitious dreams for the ATU Library Service, and we aim to make them true.

We want to build and develop a world-class library service that supports your learning at every stage: from new undergraduate to PhD student, and beyond.

So come with us and help us to build the library service you need.