Library Documents

Code of Conduct

Noise Policy

Students must bring their current ID card in order to access and use the library. Replacement cards available from the Library. Students must not remove books or other items of library stock from the library unless they are checked out. Students are responsible for all library property found in their possession at security gate exits. Students attempting to remove non-borrowed items from the library will have their borrowing rights suspended for one week and may be referred to their Head of Department.

Students are responsible for books borrowed with their ID card and will be expected to reimburse the library for lost items. First incident of lost book: €25 or price of the book, whichever is less. Further incidents: Replacement cost of the book.

Students are responsible for books borrowed by them on Inter-Library Loan. All incidents of lost inter-library loans: The student pays the British Library or other library’s fine. The British Library fine is €191 More will be charged if the item is particularly expensive to replace.

Students must return borrowed books on or before the due date. For each overdue day one suspension day is added to the student’s record.

Students must respect the rights of other library users by observing the areas for group and individual work. Students creating a disturbance will be asked to leave the Library.
Students must respect library property. Where library property is damaged, borrowing rights will be suspended and a report may be sent to Head of Department.