Top 10 things you need to know


1.Getting an ID Card

Student ID cards are available from the Yeats Library.

ID Cards Info

2. Create a password

There are two different sets of accounts that you might need use the library services.

  1. Campus account- this gives you access to Moodle, college e-mail and the library databases. More Info on campus password >>
  2. Library account- this gives you access to exam papers, renewing books online, requesting inter library loans and using the quick check machine (library self service borrowing) More Info on the library password >>
3.Your Profile

Your profile is a webpage with the information we have on record for you, including the books you have out and your contact details. We use a secure system for this profile so your information is safe. You log into your profile using your library password, and from your profile you can renew books ,set up search alerts, see what rooms you have booked and more.

More Info

4. Library Layout

The library consists of three floors. The lower ground floor is the Social Zone. The social zone is set up with pc's, wifi and rooms that you can book for presentations or group work. It is okay to chat and make a certain amount of noise on the social zone.

The ground floor is the Info zone which holds the majority of the bookstock and the information desk. The Info zone also has the quick check machine where you can check out your own books. We ask that you keep the noise levels to a medium on this floor so that noise does not travel upstairs.

The first floor is known as the Quiet Zone and this is where the quiet study takes place. There are no computers or printers on this floor. It is important that mobile phones are on quiet mode and that you do not make any noise on this floor.If you feel you need to chat or discuss work with a fellow student or staff member we ask that you use a seminar room or move floors. Thank you.

5. Borrowing a Book

Bring your book to the quick check machine. You need to use your student card and Library password. You can also borrow at the Information Desk. Books can be returned to the library book bin, information desk, or the quick check machine.

Quick Check Guide

How to Borrow a Book

6.Searching for Information
  1. Search for print and online books and print and online journals and reports-use Summon!
  2. Search for mainly print stock shelved in the library-Use the catalogue
  3. Search a specific database only-Go to the database directly
  4. Search for information such as opening hours on the website-Use site search
7. Computing, Printing and Photocopying

The social and info zone have computers, printers and scanners for you to use. IT services maintain all of this.

photocopying & Scanning

Computers & Printing

Eduroam WIFI FAQs for visitors

8.Room Booking

The library has 13 rooms you can book for student group study.

Book a Room

9. Exam Papers

Link to Past Exam Papers

Quick Start Guide to Past Exam Papers

Examination papers from the academic year 2007 – 2014 can be accessed on-line both on and off- campus via the library website.  
Students will need their student number and library password to gain access to this service.

10. Helpdesk

Please contact us at if you have any problems. The e-mails you send to this address go into a helpdesk system and are dealt with in a timely fashion by the staff member most appropriate for your query. You can see our contact details here too »