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Irish Statute Book

Primary Legislation ( Acts of the Oireachtas) and secondary legislation ( Statutory Instruments) are all available in the Irish Statute Book. There is also information on for example, the different types of statutory instruments.

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Irish Law Reform Publications

Irish Law Reform Commission Papers and Reports from 1975

This is an independent body established under the Law Reform Commission Act 1975. Their purpose is to keep the law under review and to make recommendations for law reform, so that the law reflects the changing needs of Irish society.

Irish Treaty Series

pdf's available from 2001. Some earlier years have one or two available in PDF format.

It has been the practice of the Minister for Foreign Affairs since 1930, with certain exceptions, to publish the international agreements to which the State becomes a party in the Irish Treaty Series which is available on this site.

Supreme Court of Ireland Decisions

These are available on BAILII , and also on UCC'S law website that is maintained by John Mee and his team

The Irish Courts System: An Introduction

A short summary of the Irish courts system from the law library

Irish Courts Service

An independent body set up to manage the courts, and to provide information to the public. There is a lot of information on this website, including a magazine, an a history of the law in Ireland as well as information on the different courts.

Irish Courts Service: Judgements

written judgments made available by the Supreme Court from the year 2001, the Court of Criminal Appeal from the year 2004 and the High Court from the year 2004.

Irish Attorney General

legal adviser to the Government and is therefore the chief law officer of the State. There are publications and annual reports available here.

IRILI- Irish Legal Information Initiative

Established by UCC's law faculty. This website contains a complete searchable index of decisions of the Irish High Court and Supreme Court from 1997

index of Irish Legal Periodicals from 1997 to date. Don't forget some of them are in full text in Westlaw.

  • Irish Law site from UCC
  • This is a fantastic resource, maintained by UCC'S law faculty

    Bunreacht na h√Čireann - Constitution of Ireland

    Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

    Houses of the Oireachtas

    Recent Bills and Legislation


    This is an Irish law database that we subscribe to. It Contains

    Some info on Westlaw IE

    Westlaw has court decisions from Round Hall and Sweet & Maxwell series of law reports. Coverage begins with 1871

    includes guides to current and historical versions of Irish statutes and statutory instruments, along with corresponding references to citing case law and secondary cases. Coverage includes key consolidated Acts since 1835 and Statutory Instruments since 1958. The ability to link seamlessly to other pieces of legislation, cases citing that legislation and secondary material is also available.

    Includes current and historical versions of Irish Court Rules, along with corresponding references to citing case law and secondary cases.

    There is also a current awareness section that allows you to search for anything new on a word search from the last 90 days, or the archive. The advanced search tool is useful here.

    WESTLAW IE User Guide

    BAILII- Irish Section

    Includes Supreme Court of Ireland Decisions, Irish Court of Criminal Appeal, High Court of Ireland Decisions, Irish Competition Authority Decisions, Irish Information Commissioner's Decisions, Irish Data Protection Commission Case Studies,Irish Legislation, Irish Statutory Instruments, Irish Law Reform Commission Papers and Reports, and the Irish Treaty Library

    UK Legislation

    The Bailii site provides UK legislation. Bailii

    European Legislation

    The EUROPA site contains a wide variety of EU information.

    Eur-lex ( )

    provides full text access to treaties, regulations, directives and other legislation in force. The European Parliaments Legislative

    Observatory website is available at ( )

    European Court of Human Rights


    US Legislation


    United States Senate

    Other Resources

    Workplace Relations

    Workplace Relations provides information on industrial relations & rights and obligations under Irish employment and equality legislation. Industrial Relations law