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Android app for ebsco host. (academic search complete and business source complete)

search for full text results using this android app from Ebsco

Iphone app for Ebsco host. (academic search complete and business source complete)

Take Notes, To Do Lists or Save Interesting articles or web pages

These are great tools for those who use more than one computer or might be lucky enough to have an iPad. They work great on a pc with Google Chrome, but also can work on other browsers.

Referencing and Citation sharing

Free online storage

Tools for your Computer

Links for Researchers

  • Researcher ID
    • global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community
  • ResearchGate
    • A website for scientific collaboration
  • Qiqqa
    • PDF and Research Management Software


Bookmarking : saving your favorite sites online so you can access them from any computer.

You can make your saved favorites private or public, and usually can create an RSS feed from these favorites. You can usually download them for offline storage or backup also. You usually tag your favorites and can use a tag cloud as a way of navigating them. The disadvantage of the tagging system is that there is no controlled vocabulary, such as subject headings, so they can become very untidy.