EndNote Online

EndNote Online  allows you to collect, organise and format your references. It is  a website where you store your references.

There is also a plugin for Microsoft word so that you can insert references as you write.

To get the IT Sligo Harvard referencing style you need "Roaming access". You need to login to endNote Online once a year on campus to get roaming access.

We have a guide for online learners on how to do this from home.

Register with endnote online

On Campus Access

Check out our Guide to accessing EndNote Online off Campus.

That guide explains in detail how to access Web of Science and register with EndNote Online there.

Help Guides

Already registered in Web of Science?

If you are already registered in the Web of Science, you do not have to register for EndNote Online . Go to www.myendnoteweb.com to login using the same login credentials.

When you register for EndNote Online, you are automatically registered in Web of Science and can take advantage of any of these Web of Knowledge features:

  • Citation Alerts
  • Saved Searches
  • Custom Journal Lists and Table of Content Alerts
  • Custom Web of Knowledge start page