Computers WIFI & Printing

Updated February 17, 2016

Pcounter Kiosk

A Pcounter top-up kiosk has been made available in the Yeats Library with which you can top up your credit on your print account. For details on how to use the kiosk, please click here

Everyone Print

EveryonePrint is a Pcounter printing service that will allow student owned, Microsoft Windows based,  laptops and netbooks to print wirelessly to student printers located across campus.  For details on how to use this service, please click here.


Use EDUROAM to connect to the colege wifi. Instuctions here

To access eduroam you must enter your full domain name with your user ID
eg. studentnumber"at" or stafflogon"at"


There are 4 printers in the library, a colour printer and two black & white printers on the Info Zone, and 1 black and white printer in the Social Zone. You can also print to the library photocopiers.There are two black and white, and one colour photocopiers. For more information on printing please see IT Services printing Pcounter page. The instructions for printing to the photocopiers is on that page also. You cannot print double sided documents.

IT Services Student Helpdesk or email printing"at"

The IT Services helpdesk operates between 10-11am and 2-3pm in room 3 of the social zone of the library.


Where to Buy Credit

You can buy print and photocopying credit in the library at the Pcounter Kiosk or in the Booknest shop!!

List of Printing Costs