Borrowing & Renewing


Bring your book to the quick check machine. You need to use your student card and Library password. You can also borrow at the Information Desk. Create your password here.


Books can be returned to the library book bin, information desk, or the quick check machine.

Do not return checked out books directly to the shelves.

  • Through your library account in ‘Your Library Profile
  • Items can be renewed at the Information Desk or at the Quick Check machine
  • Through the library helpdesk or by phone Tel:071 91 37339
Penalty Points:

If you borrow books or DVDs from the library and do not return them on or before their due date, penalty points will be added to your account.

If you accumulate 14 penalty points, you are blocked from borrowing for 1 week.

Main Collection: 1 penalty point per day overdue

Restricted loan: 5 penalty points per restricted loan per day overdue.

If further assistance is needed on any of the above points, please ask at the information desk.

Reserve Books

If a book is on loan you can place it on reserve so that when the books is returned it is put aside for you. You will then be sent an e-mail so you know to collect the book. The book willl be held for 3 working days for you to collect it. If you are an open or distance learner please e-mail the helpdesk to inform Geraldine that you might need longer to collect the book or that you need it posted.

Open and Distance Learning Page

Requesting in the Catalogue

Requesting in Summon